Whales (Taiyo 1950-52, 1955-57, Yokohama Taiyo 1978-1992)

In 1942, when the Japanese Baseball Association was divided into the Central league and Pacific league, Taiyo Gyogyo (Maruha at present) origiated the Maruha Taiyo team on November 22.
At that time, Taiyo Gyogyo had very strong amateur team which formed the nucleus of their professional baseball team and joined the Central league.
The nickname, Whales, was selected immediately because Taiyo Gyogyo was in the business of whale fishing. Magazine articles from that time report the owner as saying if they could catch two or three whales more, it would be a piece of cake for them to hire twenty to thirty star players. In fact, they had more powerful players than other teams.
The team was called Robins only between 1953 and 1954 because they were combined with Shyochiku Robins. This nickname was used until 1992 with name changes of the team from Taiyo to Yokohama Taiyo as their home stadium had been changed to Yokohama.