Unions (Takahashi- 1954, Tombow- 1955, Takahashi- 1956, Daiei-1957)

The Takahashi Unions made their appearance in the Pacific league in 1954.
The Pacific league had had seven teams since they were divided into Central league and the Pacific league, but having an odd number of teams was inefficient for playoffs and tournaments. Therefore, the league told all the teams that the team whose winning percentage is below .350 would be disbanded. However, all the teams played really hard during that season and as a result no team had a winning percentage below .350.
Then, the Pacific league came up with the idea that they could add one more team.
The owner of the new team was Ryutaro Takahashi, who was the president of the former Dai Nippon Beer Company (Asahi Beer and Sapporo Beer now) and a former Minister of International Trade and Industry. He was well known as a big fan of Baseball. Indeed, he was dedicated enough to support the Eagles team, which had serious financial trouble, with his personal funds during World War II. Every Pacific league team offered their players to the new team. The team was named the Takahashi Unions in honor of Ryutaro Takahashi.
At the beginning, people thought the team name would be the Takahashi Eagles, since he had supported the Eagles so faithfully. Actually, one of the magazines, Yakyukai (Baseball World), used the name Takahashi Eagles at first. Nevertheless, the new team was nicknamed "Unions". The name came from the name of the beer. Dai Nippon Beer used to make beer before World War II. After Dai Nippon Beer was divided into two companies, Asahi Beer made the beer for export only until 1953. Mr. Takahashi was reluctant to discard the brand name that he had established. The company invited the public to vote for the name and they got about 20,000 votes.
In 1955, Tombow became the team sponsor, and the team became the Tombow Unions after they paid 30,000,000 yen for the name for a year. However, the team became the Takahashi Unions again in the next year because the team played poorly and Tombow withdrew as the team sponsor. As a result, the team financially reached a dead end and combined with the Daiei Stars on February 26, 1957. It was actually a merger by Daiei. The name Unions remained and the name of the new team became the Daiei Unions. In 1958, Daiei combined with Mainichi Orions and the team became Omai Orions and the nickname, Unions, was finally gone. Therefore, the Pacific league only had six teams after that.