Pearls (Kintetsu 1950-1958)
Kinki Nihon Tetsudo (Kintetsu) was a parent company of Kinki Nihon Great Ring for a while when they were combined with Nankai Dentetsu during the war and just after the war. The revival of professional baseball was enthusiastically welcomed by Japanese baseball fans so the top-level executives of Kintetsu had a friendly image in baseball. Therefore, they applied to join the Japan Baseball Association on September 14, 1949 with the support of the Nankai Hawks. On November 26, they officially joined the Pacific League and they started the team on December 1. The nickname was decided with public subscriptions. Pearls was chosen because the pearl is a special product along the Kintetsu railroad line. A name like Pearls, which provides a gentle and decorative image, is rare as a nickname of a baseball team.


Pirates (Nishi Nihon 1950)
In 1950, when the Japanese Baseball Association was divided into two Leagues, two baseball teams were started in Fukuoka, Kyusyu. One was the Clippers, parented by Nishi Nihon Tetsudo (Nishitetsu), and the other was the Pirates, parented by Nishi Nihon Shimbun. The Pirates belonged to the Central League and the Clippers belonged to the Pacific League.
However, having two teams in one city was not working out. The Clippers were weak and disappeared in a year. At first, Nishi Nihon Shinbun didn’t plan to have their own team. They planned to join with Nishitetsu. They also planned to take an advertisement role only. They wanted Nishi Nihon Shimbun to do the management. They couldn’t decide which team to belong to. Nishi Nihon Shimbun wanted to join the Central League with the Yomiuri Giants since they rely on the news from Yomiuri Shimbun. On the other hand, Nishitetsu wanted to be a member of the Pacific League, because the other railway company were there. As a result, they made two teams and one joined each League.
Nishi Nihon Shimbun started a new team with the advertisement agency, Dentsu. Mr. Toshio Kojima became the manager. He was an employee of Dentsu at that time. He used to be a star player at Waseda University and played for the Tigers and the Eagles.
The nickname was decided by public vote. It was chosen because “Pirates” really fits the image of barbarian Kyusyu Danji (men from Kyusyu). Mr., Kojima didn’t appreciate the nickname so much and in a magazine article at that time that he said “Yankees is better.”
However, this team disappeared in a year. In the following year, the team was combined with the Nishitetsu Clippers as they planned at first. Mr. Osamu Mihara became the new manager. They got a new name for the team, Nishitetsu Lions.