Orions (Mainichi 1950-1957, Omai 1958-1963, Tokyo 1964-1968, Lotte 1969-1991)
The issue of Mainichi Shinbun joining the Japan Baseball Association was the main cause of the separation into two Leagues in 1950. Train company groups like Hankyu, Nankai and Tokyu, tried to check the self-righteous Yomiuri Shinbun, but the Newspaper company group, Yomiuri and Chunichi was strongly against this. As a result, the Japan Baseball Association was divided into a Central League and a Pacific League.
The new Mainichi team offered public subscriptions for the nickname in the newspaper. They got a tremendous number of responses --- about 400, 000. They chose Orions from among the leading candidates like Eagles, Lion, Condor and Elephants. Orions got the fifth highest number of subscriptions.
Orion, which Homer praised as the most beautiful and greatest hunter of the Greek myths, was also famous as a constellation, and the nickname was chosen because Mainichi Shinbun has a star on their company’s emblem.
The number of subscriptions、400, 000, remains the highest to date.