Hawks (Nankai 1947-, Fukuoka Daiei 1989- )

On June 1, 1947, Kinki Great Ring made a fresh start with a new name, Nankai Hawks, even thought it was the middle of the season. The nickname was chosen among subscriptions from employees. Nankai Dentetsu[Electric railway] has a feather in their symbol mark which represented speed. That is why they chose a bird mascot. There is a joke by a manager of the team at that time. His name was Kazuto Tsuruoka. He said in his book, "Midosuji no gaika(Triumphal Song on Midosuji)," that there were two candidates for the nickname at that time, Hawks and Condor. However, the representative of the team was bold, so they thought Hawks was better. You can see the same story in several of Tsuruoka's interview. The team color was decided as green at the same time -- from their color of the trains. They also hoped to "be lively like fresh green trees."