Eagles (Korakuen 1937-38, Eagles 1939)

Mr. Kiyoshi Oshikawa and Mr. Atsushi Kono, who were the builders of Korakuen Stadium, had the idea that a baseball team and its home ground should be united. They'd already thought about developing a franchise in professional baseball at that time.
In 1937, the Korakuen baseball club was started. Mr. Kono was the manager of the Nagoya gun at that time but he dreamed of having an ideal baseball team, quit Nagoya and joined the Korakuen Baseball Club. It joined the Japan Professional Baseball Association on February 5 in 1938. The team was nicknamed "Eagles" which is the king of predatory birds and has a majestic image.
Adding the Eagles made it an eight-team League. That made it possible to improve the scheduling, so they decided to have a league championship game instead of a tournament. At that time, the average number of spectators were less than 1400 people and both the stadium and baseball team had financial difficulties. As a result, they broke off their partnership. The Eagles kept the team thanks to Mr. Kono's great effort to get financial support from the president of Dai Nihon Beer (today's Asahi Beer and Sapporo), Mr. Ryutaro Takahashi.
In 1940, the team was forced to use a Japanese name so they re-named the team Kurotaka Gun, ("black eagles"). In 1942, Mr. Kenkichi Saeki, who was the president of Yamato Seisakusho, bought the team and named it Yamato Gun. However, it didn't last for long and the team was disbanded in 1943.